Archery is a sport that can be enjoyed by both young and old. Whether or not you choose to become competitive you can always improve on personal bests. The different aspects of the sport allow you to choose what kind of interests you have in it and what you want to pursue.

The different aspects include targets (FITA 1 or FITA 2),
indoor and outdoor 3D, or hunting. The type of equipment you choose to shoot depends on the aspect you have chosen to pursue. Both recurve and compound are they types of equipment being used in competitions.

ADULTS: $200.00 / year (single membership)

YOUTH (17 & under): $150.00 / year  (single membership)

FAMILY (max. 3 persons) $410.00 / year, each additional family member $60.00
(additional family members is limited to immediate family)

The membership fee includes the Saskatchewan Archery Association fees of    $50.00 /adult & $30.00/youth

These are paid to the Saskatchewan Archery Association on behalf of the membership to ensure all members have appropriate insurance.